December 3, 2019

Experienced Solar was Great!

"My experience with Experienced Solar was great! Kevin, the owner was very informative. The Office Manager, Jeff, offered good information and facilitated expedited and thorough job production. The fieldworker did an outstanding job also and offered good advice while he was at my property. We scheduled the job several months in advance and when it came time for the job to begin, it started on time and finished six days earlier than anticipated. I would recommend Experienced Solar to anybody, especially those without solar experience. Thank you for a job well done!"
December 3, 2019


"Excellent job by the Experienced Solar electricians and their team of engineers and sales staff"
September 6, 2019

Rare and Special Experience

"People give out 5-star reviews way to easily nowadays. It is one of those rare and special experiences for which 5-star reviews should be reserved. When I went to Experienced Solar, I told them I wanted a very large solar array with a backup battery. They explained that a backup battery is expensive and provides little utility, but I have my own reasons for wanting one and I was insistent. True to their word, their quote for a battery backup was high. I ultimately decided to still buy the solar array from them, but to buy the battery backup from Tesla. Tesla had by far the cheapest and best backup battery system. Given this, I finally gave up and decided to proceed without the battery backup. However, when Experienced Solar learned of my trouble with Tesla they contacted their suppliers in an attempt to obtain the same equipment that was being offered by Tesla. Having gone above and beyond, Experienced Solar could have proceeded to sell me the solar array I had asked for and I would have been impressed, but they still weren't done. Together, we found another battery backup system. The battery backup could only be installed to a maximum elevation of 2000 meters. My home sits at 2030 meters. The battery wouldn't work. Now, surely, Experienced Solar has done everything they can for me, right? Experienced Solar, like a pit bull worrying a bone, refused to let go. Experienced Solar contacted the manufacturer of the battery on my behalf to request an exception to the elevation requirement. Experienced Solar fought with the manufacturer for a week trying to get them to grant an exception. Unfortunately, the manufacturer could not be convinced, and ultimately that is where the story really does end. I did not get my backup battery, though Experienced Solar did install an outlet that provides emergency power when the sun is shining which at least partially addresses my needs. But even though the outcome is not what I had hoped, I have never in my life seen a contractor fight for me the way Experienced Solar did."
February 14, 2019

"Outstanding organization. Great service and fair prices. We live on Rowe Mesa and are off grid. We put our system in ourselves, but now when we need repair work we’ll go to these great guys."
May 4, 2018

The Best!

"Kevin designed and installed a solar well at one of our ranches 2 years ago. This gave us the ability to run cattle in a pasture we previously unable to. We have had zero issues with it since it was installed and the well is out performing all our expectations. Kevin was able to get the job done ahead of schedule and the work was outstanding! Kevin truly has a passion for solar and it shows in the quality of work. Calling Kevin was the best decision we made."