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Our Experience Gives You More Power and Higher Value

Kevin Goodreau is the CEO and founder of Experienced Solar. The company was an immediate success because of Goodreau’s 16 years of success in running his first solar power company, Direct Power & Water Corporation (DPW) in New Mexico.

Goodreau and his partner at the time, Jeff Randall, started DPW way back in 1993 when successful solar companies were hard to find. DPW rapidly until it was acquired in 2006. Goodreau continued to run DPW after the acquisition.

Experienced Solar owes its success to Goodreau’s long-term success and experience in designing and building solar power systems. Today, a core group of the same outstanding professionals who made DPW a success work for the new company, Experienced Solar.

You can’t find more solar power experience anywhere. That’s why, at Experienced Solar, our expertise means you get more power, dollar for dollar, than you could get from any other company.

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