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Kevin Goodreau is the CEO and founder of Experienced Solar. The company was an immediate success because of Goodreau’s 16 years of success in running his first solar power company, Direct Power & Water Corporation (DPW) in New Mexico.

Goodreau and his partner at the time, Jeff Randall, started DPW way back in 1993 when successful solar companies were hard to find. DPW rapidly until it was acquired in 2006. Goodreau continued to run DPW after the acquisition.

Experienced Solar owes its success to Goodreau’s long-term success and experience in designing and building solar power systems. Today, a core group of the same outstanding professionals who made DPW a success work for the new company, Experienced Solar.

You can’t find more solar power experience anywhere. That’s why, at Experienced Solar, our expertise means you get more power, dollar for dollar, than you could get from any other company.

Kevin Goodreau

President of Experienced Solar, Kevin Goodreau has been involved with the solar electric industry for more than 25 years. He is a certified NABCEP PV installer, a general residential contractor and a commercial/residential electrical contractor.

In 1993, Kevin created a company called Direct Power and Water Corporation (DPW) and served as its President and CEO. DPW grew rapidly from two employees in 1993 to approximately 90 in 2007. Kevin sold DPW to a publically traded company who renamed it DPW Solar. During the first three years of the acquisition, Kevin continued as the CEO and president as well as VP of Business Development and Sales.

During Kevin’s tenure as president and VP of business development he directed, designed and engineered several large scale solar electric projects as well as hundreds of grid-tied and remote- powered solar electric systems. Kevin’s division included several electricians who specialized in commercial and residential photovoltaic installations.

Kevin led the sales and installation division of DPW Solar Electric until December 2015. At that time, the acquiring company consolidated the Albuquerque manufacturing operation to another facility and dissolved the installation division in Albuquerque.

In 2015, Kevin began receiving many phone calls from past customers and distributors asking him for help. Kevin then decided to start a new company specializing in high-quality photovoltaic installations. He envisioned his new company as being driven by engineering, knowledge and experience. He named the new company Experienced Solar.

Jeff D. Reynolds

Jeff D. Reynolds has served as Operations Manager since Experienced Solar’s inception and under the direction of Kevin Goodreau for almost 5 years. During his tenure under Kevin, Jeff obtained Associate status with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Prior to entering the solar industry, Jeff had more than 25 years of experience in the construction and construction materials industries, both commercial and residential applications.

Jeff attended Mississippi State University and Delta State University studying Business Administration and Criminal Science. He is an Eagle Scout and is committed to serving his community through volunteering with the New Mexico Commission for the Blind as a News Reader since 2011, and as a coordinator for the Placitas Neighborhood Watch Network since 2009.

Married with two large rescue dogs, Jeff enjoys camping and hiking in the Land of Enchantment, home improvement projects and implementing permaculture projects on his Placitas property.

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