Off-Grid Solar Systems in Albuquerque

We Specialize in Off-Grid Solar Systems

So Choose the Best – Experienced Solar

You may have already discovered that most solar companies don’t want to be bothered with the complexities of designing and building off-grid systems.

off grid solarAt Experienced Solar, we welcome the opportunity!  On staff, we have more than 30 years of experience in building off-grid systems, including:

  • Solar systems for homeowners who are off-grid
  • Remote location systems for ranchers and farmers needing to pump water
  • Solar powered Cell Phone Towers & Other Utility Systems
  • Other Applications Requiring Off-Grid Power

If you are a New Mexico homeowner who can’t afford or does not want to pay to get on the grid, we can design and build exactly the system you need. We’re experienced in systems ranging from for small, remote vacation cabins to large, luxury homes.

In addition to using the best solar panels and racks, we give you outstanding battery power as well as a backup system for those rare times in New Mexico when it’s cloudy many days in a row.
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