Protect Our Environment

Get Federal and State Tax Credits to Cut Your Electric Bill

Getting a solar system for your home gives you 3 major benefits!

  • You protect the environment by using clean, renewable energy!
  • Huge Savings – Homeowners are Eligible for up to 40% Tax Credits!
  • Get an electric bill as low as 8.16 per month!

solar installAt Experienced Solar, we know how to get you all these benefits from your solar system, and more. From the beginning, our experience means you get greater expertise and more power out of our system than any other. That’s because, unlike the cookie-cutter companies, we design and build a custom system that’s right for you.

Don’t settle for a system that’s built to put a panel on every square foot of your roof, whether you need it or not. Instead, get an Experienced Solar System.  Get a system that maximizes the position of your panels and provides you with lasting value and years of no or low maintenance.

Call us for a free quote, we’ll visit you in your home, analyze your electric bills, and customize a system that’s exactly right for you.

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