How to get your electric usage history

How to get your PNM Usage History

Getting a complete picture of your past bills for electricity is worth the effort. It’s the best way to understand how much money you’ll be saving with a solar system. It also helps us make sure your solar system is the right size 365 days of the year.

Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to If you are not registered, set up your account.
  2. When you have an online account, log in. You will land on this page;
  3. On this page, click the My Account link at the top right. On the bottom of the page there is a moving banner, click on the > or < icon on this moving banner until you see “VIEW MY ENERGY USAGE”  Click on that link.
  4. At, click the download tab (third tab). That enables you to download your usage for a specified period. Get 12 months of history.
  5. Click the circle with .pdf format and enter the appropriate dates. Once the dates are entered then hit download.  Look at the bottom of your monitor as the download file will be located here in the form of a pdf file. Click on this file and save it to your desktop or a folder of your preference.
  6. Once you have this PDF, email the 12 month results to us.

Our technical sales staff who will do a complimentary estimate and production analysis. Our analysis will show you how fast your solar system will pay for itself.