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Plus Get Cash Back!

You’ve been car shopping before.  Suppose you could buy a car for $25,000, get a low monthly payment and get $7500 cash back!  If you were buying a car, you’d say, “That’s a great deal.”

With a solar system from Experienced Solar, you can apply for an even better deal.  Instead of paying Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) for your electric bill, use that money to buy your solar system.

That makes your Experienced Solar System for your home a win deal!
You get a great price, a monthly payment less than your current electric bill AND you get cash back!
Here’s how:

First, when you qualify through Nusenda Credit Union, you can finance your solar system over 15 years.  That means you may get a really low monthly payment.

Rates vary, of course.

Next, you should be eligible to get a 30% Federal Tax Credit for your solar system.

Here’s an Example.

Rob needs a $20,000 solar system for his home to get a “net zero” bill from PNM. A “net zero” bill means that over the year, Rob will not have to pay PNM for electricity – he’ll pay zero.

Rob gets a $20,000 loan from Nusenda Credit Union, to pay for his solar system.


PNM Electric
Bill Savings
Net Monthly Cost
$20,000u15 years/180 monthsvaries158-180$115$43-$63

 Talk to a professional at Nusenda Credit Union, for details.

Now, here’s some great news! Rob’s system qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit, so he gets a 30% credit on the total tax he owes the IRS!

For a $20,000 system, that 30% credit means Rob will save $6,000 on taxes he owes! If Rob’s total federal income tax is less than $6,000, he can carry over to the next year whatever credit he has left over.

Now you can see why getting a solar system for your house makes sense financially.

Zero out your electric bill.

Get a $6,000 federal income tax credit the first year!

Some people apply the $6,000 Federal Tax Credit to their loan and pay off their loan much, much faster.

Other people take the $6,000 tax credit and use it to pay off some other loan, or they spend it on home improvement or enjoy it in other ways!

Whatever your plan, you can see what a great opportunity you have to invest in a solar system for your home.

Let us visit with you in your home and show you the great kind of deal you can get.

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