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The Time is Now to Put a Solar Electric System on your Residence or your Commercial Business!

February 15, 2019 4:19 pm Published by

The time is now to put a solar electric system on your residence or your commercial business.  If you want to reduce your overall taxes, the 30% federal tax credit is still available until the end of this year 2019.  Here in New Mexico we have Net metering as well as a very small REC credit which can reduce the return on your investment to as little as 8 years on a residential system and as little as 4-5 years for a commercial business.  The difference actually is based on the business owner ability to depreciate the newly acquired asset.  

Some companies say calculating solar savings can be difficult because savings depends on many factors, which is absolutely true.  A company that is “experienced” can do a very good job of predicting your monthly and annual production, based on several different factors when calculating the expected production of your proposed solar array.  Sun hours, tilt angle, azimuth angle, type of module, wire losses, inverter efficiency, demand factors and many more.  A company with “experience” factors all these conditions and more into the equation to obtain a very accurate prediction and the best solution for your solar array.   

Using solar electric in New Mexico in most cases can zero out your bill annually, although as I say that the local utility is working overtime to figure ways out to reduce the positive effects of a customer owned solar electric system.  Why, they zero out any overproduction during a billing cycle and pay you at an avoided rate (their cost to produce and get electricity to your home or business). The sun has an average number of hours for each month based on the aforementioned design criterion and a ethical and highly qualified company designs and engineers the available resources to maximize your production and not to give the local utility a lot of power at avoided costs.  Avoided costs again is what the utility says it cost to get electricity to your home or business.

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